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Pacamara bean
Arabica coffee. Very complex, excellent body, well balanced, clean sweetness, a layer of fruits, consistent, a creamy body, complex aroma, exceptional floral citric after taste, peachy, harmonious, acidity, orange, spice (description from Cup of Excellence) - Cup of Excellence winner 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012.

Pacamara bean
Arabica coffee. Complex, refined acidity, sweet jasmine, a touch of peach, tropical and citric fruits, lime, grape, a creamy body, delicate but with a good structure, brown sugar (description from Cup of Excellence) - Cup of Excellence winner 2006.
Pacamara bean
Arabica coffee. A clean cup, elegant, heavy body, citric and floral flavor.
Pacamara bean
Arabica coffee. Considerable fruity body with great characteristics of regional fruit, clean cup, with a complex citrus acidity and characteristics highlighting its flavor, espresso is great for getting the balance between sweet and citrus. It has a native mixture roasting of Agtron 57 that is ideal for espresso and cappuccino machines.
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